Monday, 25 January 2016


Hello friends!

So been quiet for a couple of days because I have been slaving away over my models, I now have 10 tactical marines painted minus Bolters and Bases (B&B) because those are very easy and quick to turn around, and as such I class these as complete :)

So I thought I would share my first two terrible pictures with bad lighting and a worse background

Wip: 43 Complete: 10


Thursday, 21 January 2016

A return from the dead!

Hello there non-existent readership, 

I have returned from the deep and am now planning to be active in the heresy scene again due to a couple of reasons:

1) The release of Betrayal at Calth (BaC - not to be confused with the payment method) has resulted in a surge in interest and take up of Horus Heresy gaming. My local GW had maybe 1 other heresy player and even that was a half whispered rumour,  but now I am seeing scores of plastic marines on tables in various legion colours.  Which is great as I can actually play what is arguably  the most balanced rules set ever created by GW

2) I have signed up to a Horus Heresy one day tournament in March at a local gaming club and as such need to have 2500pts of painted salamanders ready 

So a couple of reasons and things,  I will be posting a count of outstanding models vs complete at the bottom of every entry along with pictures (when I can be arsed to take them) of work in progress and completed models

Wip: 52 Complete: 1


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Army list and theme pt.2

So I previously spoke about considerations for list building with a istvann V/survivor theme....I've been thinking and tinkering furiously over the last week or so and have come up with a list I quite like that I feel fits the theme
Rite of war: covenant of fire
praetor: artificer armour, iron halo, volkite pistol, thunder hammer and digiweapons
Command squad +2 extra members: 2x combi-flamers, 1xpower fist, 2xpower weapon, 2x combat shields

20 tac marines: Sgt artificer, Sgt power fist, Sgt plasma pistol
20 tac marines: Sgt artificer, Sgt thunder hammer, Sgt combi-flamer
10 breachers: lascutter, flamed, Sgt artificer, Sgt power fist, Sgt breaching charge
5 pyroclasts: Sgt power fist

3x apothecaries
Contemptor dread talon(2): autocannon, fist (plasma blaster), multimelta, fist (heavy flamer), carapace missile launcher

Fast attack
Storm eagle: lascannons, multimelta

Heavy support
Spartan: flare shield, heavy flamer
Heavy support squad(5): lascannons
Heavy support squad(5): Volkite Culverins

Lord of war
Vulkan (or super heavy to same points)

That comes to approx 3k with the Lord of war...should hit fairly hard and have staying power for capping objectives...thoughts?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Army lists and theme

Two posts in two days! Quite keen right now!

So I am going to touch on a subject that is close to my heart and has, of course, been covered many many times by others; army list building and how I approach it.

There are two distinct parts to this hobby that I particularly enjoy, and these form the foundation of my list choices:

I absolutely abhor the bit in the middle called painting (hence this blog). What this means in real terms is I get really excited, buy models, build/customise models, leave them grey and play. 

Additionally I get really excited about aspects of the hobby and this can be a character, event, period or specific unit and when building a list I try to focus on a theme that I think is cool or fits into a certain aspect, luckily with the heresy it's all cool! So for my salamanders I will be building a list focused during the massacre and just after, this means lots of infantry and few vehicles...the idea being a lot of armour was lost during the massacre (a lot of bodies too I know) and realistically men are easier to extract than materials.
As a result the "core" of my force is going to roughly be:
40 tac marines
10 breaching marines
3 apothecaries (cause lol save the geneseed)
2 contemptors
And of course Vulkan!

Naturally I will throw in a piece of armour or two, maybe a Spartan (cause rule of cool) and I have a storm eagle so that will go in...there is also the question of how the battle bunnies will run their massacre campaign (See here) because as previously mentioned I am aiming for this force to be ready for it, so will there be multiple primarchs if people have them or will I effectively have an extra 425ish points to play with? It's all a lovely big question of just how much oh my cash will Forge World get their grubby mitts on?


Monday, 8 September 2014

A clich├ęd introduction!


So I have been flirting with the Horus Heresy since the first book came out a few years ago, I instantly flocked to my first love the ultra-smurfs...however the complete lack of models and forge world's lack of interest in even making shoulder pads for all legions in advance soon soured the waters for me...nevertheless I had about 2k of heresy marines and a desire to game with them. Then massacre was released and with it the rules for Vulkan and my second love, the Salamanders.

As a result I instantly starting obsessing and waiting to see what was released and gleefully bought some breaching marines and some conversion parts with a mind full of ideas! Built and painted the sergeant (below) and then like a kid with ADHD in a candy store got distracted! Luckily two things happened at almost the same time to rekindle the fires of nocturne in my breast:

1. Forge world released Vulkan
2. Those cool chaps over at battle bunnies announced they would be running a campaign weekend middle of next year based on the Dropsite Massacre

So here I am with a blog and the intent to participate in some 30k carnage.... I will attempt to update at least every week... maybe... possibly