Monday, 25 January 2016


Hello friends!

So been quiet for a couple of days because I have been slaving away over my models, I now have 10 tactical marines painted minus Bolters and Bases (B&B) because those are very easy and quick to turn around, and as such I class these as complete :)

So I thought I would share my first two terrible pictures with bad lighting and a worse background

Wip: 43 Complete: 10


Thursday, 21 January 2016

A return from the dead!

Hello there non-existent readership, 

I have returned from the deep and am now planning to be active in the heresy scene again due to a couple of reasons:

1) The release of Betrayal at Calth (BaC - not to be confused with the payment method) has resulted in a surge in interest and take up of Horus Heresy gaming. My local GW had maybe 1 other heresy player and even that was a half whispered rumour,  but now I am seeing scores of plastic marines on tables in various legion colours.  Which is great as I can actually play what is arguably  the most balanced rules set ever created by GW

2) I have signed up to a Horus Heresy one day tournament in March at a local gaming club and as such need to have 2500pts of painted salamanders ready 

So a couple of reasons and things,  I will be posting a count of outstanding models vs complete at the bottom of every entry along with pictures (when I can be arsed to take them) of work in progress and completed models

Wip: 52 Complete: 1