Monday, 8 September 2014

A clichéd introduction!


So I have been flirting with the Horus Heresy since the first book came out a few years ago, I instantly flocked to my first love the ultra-smurfs...however the complete lack of models and forge world's lack of interest in even making shoulder pads for all legions in advance soon soured the waters for me...nevertheless I had about 2k of heresy marines and a desire to game with them. Then massacre was released and with it the rules for Vulkan and my second love, the Salamanders.

As a result I instantly starting obsessing and waiting to see what was released and gleefully bought some breaching marines and some conversion parts with a mind full of ideas! Built and painted the sergeant (below) and then like a kid with ADHD in a candy store got distracted! Luckily two things happened at almost the same time to rekindle the fires of nocturne in my breast:

1. Forge world released Vulkan
2. Those cool chaps over at battle bunnies announced they would be running a campaign weekend middle of next year based on the Dropsite Massacre

So here I am with a blog and the intent to participate in some 30k carnage.... I will attempt to update at least every week... maybe... possibly


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