Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Army lists and theme

Two posts in two days! Quite keen right now!

So I am going to touch on a subject that is close to my heart and has, of course, been covered many many times by others; army list building and how I approach it.

There are two distinct parts to this hobby that I particularly enjoy, and these form the foundation of my list choices:

I absolutely abhor the bit in the middle called painting (hence this blog). What this means in real terms is I get really excited, buy models, build/customise models, leave them grey and play. 

Additionally I get really excited about aspects of the hobby and this can be a character, event, period or specific unit and when building a list I try to focus on a theme that I think is cool or fits into a certain aspect, luckily with the heresy it's all cool! So for my salamanders I will be building a list focused during the massacre and just after, this means lots of infantry and few vehicles...the idea being a lot of armour was lost during the massacre (a lot of bodies too I know) and realistically men are easier to extract than materials.
As a result the "core" of my force is going to roughly be:
40 tac marines
10 breaching marines
3 apothecaries (cause lol save the geneseed)
2 contemptors
And of course Vulkan!

Naturally I will throw in a piece of armour or two, maybe a Spartan (cause rule of cool) and I have a storm eagle so that will go in...there is also the question of how the battle bunnies will run their massacre campaign (See here) because as previously mentioned I am aiming for this force to be ready for it, so will there be multiple primarchs if people have them or will I effectively have an extra 425ish points to play with? It's all a lovely big question of just how much oh my cash will Forge World get their grubby mitts on?



  1. Good core list. I love Legionnaire heavy lists, as I think it is what really shows the difference between Legions and Chapters. Setting a core is one of the most exciting bits in my opinion, as for my Death Guard and Iron Warriors; I loaded up on Legionnaires first before branching to tanks, terminators etc.
    You might find it easier and more rewarding to do 20 Legionnaires, 5 Heavy support, 5 Tactical support and repeat otherwise all those Boltguns over and over does start to grind, but is ultimately one of the most rewarding things a Hobbyist can do.
    Good luck, looking forward to seeing more.

    1. My God! Someone has actually read and commented :-)

      Yeah I'm quite happy with it, will provide a solid core than can be used for almost any situation, and should be quite adaptable!