Thursday, 18 September 2014

Army list and theme pt.2

So I previously spoke about considerations for list building with a istvann V/survivor theme....I've been thinking and tinkering furiously over the last week or so and have come up with a list I quite like that I feel fits the theme
Rite of war: covenant of fire
praetor: artificer armour, iron halo, volkite pistol, thunder hammer and digiweapons
Command squad +2 extra members: 2x combi-flamers, 1xpower fist, 2xpower weapon, 2x combat shields

20 tac marines: Sgt artificer, Sgt power fist, Sgt plasma pistol
20 tac marines: Sgt artificer, Sgt thunder hammer, Sgt combi-flamer
10 breachers: lascutter, flamed, Sgt artificer, Sgt power fist, Sgt breaching charge
5 pyroclasts: Sgt power fist

3x apothecaries
Contemptor dread talon(2): autocannon, fist (plasma blaster), multimelta, fist (heavy flamer), carapace missile launcher

Fast attack
Storm eagle: lascannons, multimelta

Heavy support
Spartan: flare shield, heavy flamer
Heavy support squad(5): lascannons
Heavy support squad(5): Volkite Culverins

Lord of war
Vulkan (or super heavy to same points)

That comes to approx 3k with the Lord of war...should hit fairly hard and have staying power for capping objectives...thoughts?

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